When someone is baptised they become a member of the worldwide Church.  All our Churches welcome people of all ages to our services and we would be delighted to see you there as you prepare for this special time.  Some of our services and activities are especially geared up to children and young people, Your Parish Priest will be able to tell you more.


We believe that baptism is an important step for you and your child, we ask all parents, and where possible godparents, to come to “Baptism Preparation”, as well as meeting with your local Priest.

What happens?

At baptism preparation (which happens on Sunday afternoons) there will be an opportunity to meet with other families who are having a child baptised, and other people from our Churches.  We will watch a video about baptism and there will be a chance to ask any questions you might have.  Feel free to bring your children along.  You don’t need to get a babysitter!