Messy Mass

One Wednesday a month, we run Messy Mass from 3.15pm to 4.30pm.

Messy Mass is an opportunity for families to engage with Church in a very informal way. At each Messy Mass, there is party food (tea and coffee for the grown ups!) and a variety of craft activities on offer, related to the theme of the day. For example, we have recently done face painting, water play, sand art, jewellery making, stained glass making, music making, mosaics and decorations for Church Рto name a few! Activities are suitable for children aged 0 Р11. We conclude our time together with a short child friendly communion.

Children from age 7 and above are invited to receive communion in our Parish, following a short series of workshops. Please see Karen if you would like your child to prepare to receive communion.

Messy Mass is open to all. However, it must be stressed that Messy Mass is not a traditional after school club, and if you are not able to attend with your child, it is essential that you ensure that your child is cared for in the session by a responsible adult.